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DATE: October 11, 2010
TO: Ms. Henson
FROM: Rosy Ofoegbu, Adrian Van Buren, Neal Carr, and Gillian Harden
SUBJECT: Proposal for emergency notification at Midwestern State University.

The purpose of this proposal is to study the existing or non-existing information about emergency notification around Midwestern State University.
Midwestern State University was founded in 1922, and since then has grown from a local junior college to a regional state university serving a wide and varied public. MSU has a reputation of offering high-quality education, all-round in athletes and most of all provides a safe atmosphere for both students and faculty. MSU takes pride in the safe atmosphere it brings and how fast they can relay emergency notifications, whether it is via text, email, tv, radio, or word of mouth.
As we all know, it is a hassle trying to figure out if classes have been cancel or still resume for the day during special events. A survey was conducted to see if students and faculty knew about the different types of ways notifications are sent out. In fact, some students say that they have never heard of some of the notifications and they just rely on word of mouth to see what the outcome is. This tends to cause huge confusions for many students and faculty during svere weather conditions.

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